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LEAP believes that no matter where the students come from and where the students want to go, they will benefit from quality education.

Our volunteers work with a unique set of students! Our students come from all backgrounds, all ages and every section of society. The volunteers conduct a preliminary analysis to understand the requirements of their students. We then prepare year-long content to deliver to students that range from vocational to non-vocational training, Math, Science and English, basic life skills and confidence-building classes....

The volunteers attempt to bring in the families of the young students they teach. By doing so, they engage the entire family in quality education and reduce drop-out rates of the students. The adults of the family are taught various topics like banking, personal finance, signatures, downfalls of alcohol misuse.

Our commitment to equal and quality education continues to touch thousands of lives!

Volunteer Upskilling

Our volunteers have been with us since Day 1 of 2017!

The reason is simple, we take care of our volunteers and continuously upskill them.

Our volunteers :

  • Never spend any money on travel, organising events or even stationary for LEAP. WHY? Because LEAP is a 0-cost model, simply put, we don’t need any money to help someone.

  • Never have to travel far and wide to volunteer WHY? Because people around us need the most help.

  • Never leave someone’s education in the middle WHY? Because life is full of instability, education shouldn’t....

Since 2020, LEAP has heavily started focusing on Volunteer Upskilling and giving back to the volunteers. We want our volunteers to walk away with a life-changing experience rather than just a certificate.

Hence, we partner with groups of volunteers who are motivated to learn. We conduct training-need-analysis for volunteer groups and deliver exclusive and personalised training to them. Our team works closely with the senior leadership of each volunteer group to provide mentoring and one-on-one coaching.

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Social Library

Social Library

Social Library

Social Library is a collection of real stories!

Every year, LEAP asks the community to nominate local heroes with magical stories of love, pain and adventure. These heroes are then put in a big room with empty chairs filled by ‘readers’ who borrow their time....

It is a free-of-judgement open and a safe space to borrow a real story, talk, chat discuss and open up!
Ever since 2020, we believe the world needs more of this MAGIC. LEAP has partnered up with ‘Kindness Konnect’ to put ‘Social Library’ online.

This is how it works :

  • Fill the nomination form to nominate someone or yourself.

  • We will reach out to confirm you as a Social Book.

  • For one week, you will be available to ‘borrow’ on set times of your choosing, by anyone who wishes to read you.

  • Have a stimulating and open conversation and if you loved it, share your experience with us.

  • If you are a reader and want to borrow a 'Social Book', scroll down and choose the story(s) that intrigues you.

Want to Nominate a book? Click Here

Social Library Books

Name Summary Cover Photo Availability Borrow the Book
Madhurshalini M. The Magic in Neurodivergencel The way our brain functions affects nearly all parts of our life fr... no-image 5-12th November 2020
Aditi Bairolu Aditi has a sea of achievements, both academic and professional. One of them is being the Chief Oper... no-image 5-12th November 2020
Krishna Bahriwani Sometimes the most unconventional journeys can lead you to exactly where you are meant to be, if onl... no-image 5-12th November 2020
Utkarsh Narang By education, Utkarsh is an orthopaedic physical therapist. By profession a senior executive. But by... no-image 5-12 October
Saher Jafri Saher is a first generation Indian-Muslim immigrant. She moved alone to the US from her hometown in ... no-image 5-12 October
Dimple Mehta Dimple grew up like a princess. Clothes in her dad's factory surrounded her and they were her first ... no-image 5-12 October
Sukun Chopra Owing to the traditional education system and linear style of teaching, Sukun struggled with limitin... no-image 5-12th October
Richardt Schoonraad When Richardt moved to Dubai, he got an exposure which was drastically different from that in South ... no-image 5-12 October
Koushik MK Like 'The curious case of Benjamin Button' where an elderly manages in reverse, Koushik's journey re... no-image 5-12 September
Daniel Levin Levin walked away from the opportunity to run a billion dollar global company that was a household n... no-image 5-12 September
Gurleen Baruah We are all trying to accomplish something in life. Whatever it might be, we are all going after one ... no-image 5-12 September


Social Library

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